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Nice to meet you,

I'm Leora Aileen

I'm an illustrator, writer & content creator with a passion for books and storytelling. I love creating botanical, witchy artwork, often drawing inspiration from nature and art nouveau style. I sell bookmarks, art prints, stickers, original paintings and more via my own webshopAs a writer, I write both fiction and non fiction, where subjects such as feminism, human connection and identity return to my work regularly. My art, writing and love for books all come together on my YouTube Channel, which I started in 2019, where I make reading and writing vlogs and talk about my latest reads. 




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Dried florals and grass on tan backgroun

a bit more about

My story

After graduating with a bachelor in Film and a minor in Journalism in 2019 at the Willem de Kooning Arts Academy in Rotterdam, I continued building my own business and online presence. I graduated with a documentary film series on women in the arts, but knew I wanted to mostly focus on my illustration freelance work and writing moving forward.


Sharing my life, art and reads on YouTube started out as a hobby, but grew into a fulltime job by early 2020, combined with my webshop. 

Lots of my illustrated work finds its base in my old trustworthy sketchbooks, but I also enjoy painting and drawing digitally. All items in my shop have been photographed and illustrated by me. 

I am currently working as a creative freelancer for several companies and brands, combined with creating bookish content for my socials and making art for my webshop. I am also writing my first novel, an essay collection.

Get to know me

You can always find me...

Perusing the bookstore. If I'm not there, check the thriftstore. 

I can't work without:

My trustworthy green coffee machine. (It's the best)

My essentials:

Books, scented candles and my art journal. 

My current fave read:

Latest doodle in my sketchbook:


Let's work together

the perfect match

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