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In need of an illustrator, bookish content creator or writer to work with?

You've come to the right place. 






"I have worked with Leora for many years. She is an extremely talented content creator and illustrator. We worked together on several projects and she continues to amaze me with her enthusiasm, eye for detail and stunning creations. I hope to add many more years of collaborations with Leora."

- Antina van der Veen, 


"We commissioned Leora for artwork a few times already and it is always a pleasure to work with her. The contact is friendly and she implemented all our wishes according to our design ideas. Leora is very 
reliable with deadlines and delivery. We appreciate her creativity very much and can’t wait for all 
our future projects together!"

- Lena Horn, Bücherbüchse Book Box



As an illustrator, I have created art and design work for several brands and companies, including VBK Media, Bücherbüchse Book Box and Silvertongue Publishing. Next to that, I'm also illustrating and designing products for my own webshop. Some of my animations and designs have featured in video's for educational organisations such as Voos, as well as in the Oscar winning documentary "Waarom bleef je niet voor mij?".


My art style varies working personal projects and commercial ones, but botanical, art nouveau, retro and witchy elements often find their way into my work.

I am also open to bookings from private clients seeking illustrations, for example for your wedding invitation, birthday card or YouTube channel. 

some of the possibilities: 

  • Logo's, branding packages

  • Book Cover Illustrations

  • Exclusive foiled artwork 

  • Animated Illustrations 





If there's one thing I love, it's chatting about books, writing and lifestyle online, on both YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, with videos getting over 97K up to 500K views on several platforms and building an audience of around 60K+ combined. I have worked with different brands and publishers, such as Penguin Random House, Skillshare, Book Of The Month, Storytel, Libris, The Royal Library of The Netherlands (KB) and many more.


Next to my online presence, I also love working for clients both commercial and private as a photographer or allround creative on projects. 

some of the possibilities: 

  • Integrated YouTube Promotions

  • Professional (Studio/Creative) Photography 

  • Branded Instagram Stories, Posts or Reels 

  • Affiliate Campaigns 

  • Video Editing

Take a look at my Media Kit with my stats, following, demographic and more details about my online presence or my photography portfolio. 



Content creation


As a writer, I write both fiction and non fiction, where subjects such as feminism, human connection and identity return to my work regularly. I have published work for feminist magazine Opzij, creative writing platform Het Lief Dagboek, literary writing school magazine The Galaxy Gazette and am currently writing my first essay collection.

Published work, to watch and to read:  

Interested in my writing? Let's get in touch. 


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