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New Products In The Webshop

The long awaited shop update is finally here! Shop whimsical bookmarks, cozy tote bags and everything a bookworm could possible desire. Want to be kept up to date with me, my writing, content and art? Subscribe to my newsletter here and never miss a sale, shop update or anything else!

In this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite additions to the shop. There are a lot of new products so don't forget to check out the full collection if you're interested!

-Zodiac Bookmarks -

Six Zodiac Bookmarks are available now, and hopefully six more will follow if these do well in store. Shop Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Gemini & Taurus now.

-Fairy Toad Bag -

Calling all whimsical fairy folk, this one is for you and your field frolicking, forest foraging or other magical activities.

-Holo Books Are Magic Sticker -

I'm so excited to finally add some ~special effect~ stickers to my webshop again! This is a redesign of my old Books Are Magic illustration, this time around, even more magical. Also available as a see through sticker.

-Art Nouveau Nature Fairies -

Are you more of a river fairy or a flower fairy? These come separate, as a set, and with or without a tassel (in pale pink or lilac).


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